Since the beginning of time mankind has searched for ways to store more and richer information about everything.  In the mid 1980's IQE was formed to further that effort and to explore intelligent ways to find the stuff once it's been put away.  The name Intellegent Query Engines, Inc. was our way of commenting on the notion that intelligent retieval methods are required when vast amounts of well varied data are being considered.  Our answer to that problem was the XFP or Expert Fact Processor that we patented.


What we used to call a large database now fits on a thumb drive, but the challenge continues.  Along the way we also learned that having good, usable systems to assure the integrity of the data you store is a worthwhile goal. We discovered this using the "Garbage In = Garbage Out" rule of information systems.   Likewise, we discovered that the job is not done when the initial software is deployed.  Customers need support to address real world issues like employee turnover, or changes to regulations. 


Today, IQE provides full life cycle support for not only systems that we've produced, but for systems that use the technologies we understand, regardless of thier origin.  We understand that our customers don't want to be technology experts but need that technology to perform.  We choose to slay those technology dragons, so our customers can concentrate on serving their customers. 


Eric Baule


There's a lot that goes into making good software and supporting complex systems.  Everytime I think my years of experience have prepared me for the next challenge I find that I learn something new for the next one.